High above Lake Sils on a hill in the forest the owner family decided 1908 to build the Waldhaus Sils. Continuing their tradition, the fifth generation now personally welcomes the guests.

As you cross the threshold to this legendary hotel, you are following in the footsteps of many guests for whom the Waldhaus and its surroundings have always meant pleasure and tranquility.

Great Cuisine

With respect for local producers, the chef Dennis Brunner and his team serve a series of delights. What their kitchen crew arranges on the plates is nothing less than the taste of the Waldhaus itself: forest and garden and the Fex valley. Spectacular: the Waldhaus wine cellar with 35,000 bottles, of which around 40% are Swiss wines.

The NEW Spa

Opened for the 2016/17 winter season, the borders between inside and out are blurred. Imposing light wells bring natural light into large rooms, whose walls are decorated with crystal glass mosaic tiles. Both futuristic and naturalistic, the Waldhaus Spa with a surface area of 1400 square meters on three levels provides space for relaxation.

Waldhaus Sils
Via da Fex 3
7514 Sils