The universal genius Karl Valentin (1882-1948) was comedian, playwright, word acrobat, actor, filmmaker, craftsmen, collectors, philosopher, folk singer and avant-garde. Above all, the satirist is known far beyond the borders of Bavaria. When the German language (and what is more the Bavarian) are not really powerful, then you will hardly understand the exhibits in the Valentin Musäums, located in Isartor. But that doesn’t matter – the „Isartor“ (once the main inlet port in the city) still houses another secret place: the „Turmstüberl“ restaurant.

It is probably the world’s only octagonal Café and you can reach it over many steps. Once you have overcome 14 meters height, you can enjoy the special atmosphere imTurmstüberl and be pampered with Bavarian delicacies (Best Places recommends Weißwürste!) coffee and homemade cakes. Unforgettable!

Turmstüberl Valentin Musäum

Turmstüberl – Bavarian Restaurant
Im Tal 50
80331 Munich

„crazy“ Opening times:
Mon, Tues, Thurs 11.01 am till 5.29 pm.
Fri/Sat 11.01 am till 5,59 pm.