Their very appearance signalises the passion with which they were made: the delightful, brightly coloured luxury cakes with edible flowers, gold latticework and delicate fruits are made by hand with the utmost care. Enjoy the world of Mäser-Luksch, MAELU.

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There are shop windows where passers-by simply stop and gaze at the desirable objects inside:  the finest cakes, beautifully made, in every imaginable colour, with a delicate icing of agar agar; lavishly topped with fresh fruits, golden latticework or edible flowers.

Inside the shop the full extent of the pâtissier’s art is revealed: finest mousse with poppy seeds or chocolate or banana flavour; lavender honey; choco meringue. The imagination of the two pâtissiers, Ralf Mäser and Sonja Mäser-Luksch, knows no bounds. Their recently opened business is one of the top confectioner’s shops in Munich. Customers from all over the world have long started beating a path to revel in the wonderful world of gâteaux, cakes and hand-made chocolates, all manufactured from only the finest ingredients.

This summer the legendary range of cakes and chocolates will be expanded to include another speciality: home-made ice cream, including no fewer than three sorts of chocolate ice cream. Like all the other products of this sweet success story it will be produced in their own kitchens. The team is not only passionately committed to its work; they are also flexible, so Mäser-Luksch also can produce items according to special requirements. Whether you want individual chocolates with special labels, cakes with a particular flavour or a wedding or a birthday cake – everything is possible. The pleasures of life can be so sweet. And luxury can be so simple.

Café MAELU, Theatinerstrasse 32, 80333 Munich.

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