Kunstgießerei München – a unique art foundry due to its location in the city centre, hidden in a Schwabing backyard. This is the place where sculptures made by artists are cast in bronze to be later on displayed in galleries and museums.

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A soot-blackened hall, the floor covered with plaster powder. A magic place, more than 100 years old, with roaring kilns and furnaces and with an incandescent bronze that eerily glows in the kiln. This is the workplace of art caster Hasan Göktepe and his sons Asian and Selim. You are always welcome to ask questions and they will be prepared to show you, how a valuable bronze sculpture comes into being. – The sculptures are manufactured by lost-wax casting, a lengthy process including clay models, plaster casts, wax moulds, ventilation ducts, the slow melting out of the wax and the final bronze cast at a temperature of 1200°C – an archaic spectacle that requires Hasan and Asian to put on fireproof clothing.

The audience is holding their breath, the light goes down and the fiery red metal appears on the scene. The heavy container weighing 100 kilos, in which the liquid bronze bubbles, needs to be lifted out of the kiln and its contents has to be poured into the moulds with ultimate care.

Then the work is done. Hardly 10 minutes later the boards and screw clamps are removed from the plaster moulds which then are broken down. The unworked object keeps lying on the floor right in front of you for cooling down. At a later stage, Selim’s skills as a master engraver are required. In laborious manual labour any unevenness needs to be smoothed out, giving the statue its face and bronze lustre.

If you like to buy some of their work you can visit a gallery in the same building with real-size statues, filigree animals, abstract shapes. Visitors can get an insight into how versatile the craftsmanship of Munich sculptors is and see for themselves how professional and efficient the performance of Hasan and his sons proves to be.

Kunstgießerei München is the only place in Munich where visitors and customers can not just admire art, it is the only place where they can follow its creation. Do not hesitate to ask for a private demonstration.

Kunstgiesserei Muenchen

Kunstgießerei München
Schleißheimer Str. 72
80797 München
T +49 89 5233333