Cold coffee, which actually sounds after an „old thing“, the iced coffee from the 80s. But none of this applies to the new generation of „cold coffee“ to. Cold Brew, which is top-quality coffee, cold brewed, which was allowed to move at least eight hours. Caffeine content is high, up to 7 Red Bulls strong. Served in the stylish glass over a large ice cube.

„Cold Brew is only possible with the highest quality beans,“ says Sebastian extinguishing, since youth days coffee lovers and coffee makers for many years. Together with Peter Schlögl and Mojgan Ensafi he opened the Mahlefitz in Nymphenburgerstraße in Munich in February.

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He served us a new specialty: the Cold Brew. You take a big ice cubes in cut crystal glass and slowly give the cold brewed coffee over it. The taste: very strong and intense. Our Cold Brew tastes malty, with a hint of whiskey flavor, although sweet without sugar. Coffee for insiders. Taste a new world. „Sure, because that’s not just coffee cooled off,“ explains Sebastian fighting, „but these are best beans that are brewed cold. The Cold Brew must then infuse for at least eight hours.“

Our tip: get hold on hot days a deck chair on the lawn in front of the Mahlefitz and enjoy the Cold Brew!

Mahlefitz Kaffeerösterei & Café
Nymphenburger Straße 51
80335 München
Mo-Fr 8-18 Uhr, Sa 9-17 Uhr

cold brew, best places munich